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George W Bush, President

Saturday, April 12, 2003

What about the Potamians?

Everybody at the President's House is talking about a new government in Iraqistan. Mr. Powell, who is our man secretary of the state (but not Jeb's state), is always worrying about Soonies and Kurds, and Sheeites and Turkeymen and how hard it will be to get them all to support whoever we appoint to be their democratically selected leader (I say we should appoint a Republican leader but everyone pretends not to hear me). Mr. Cheney says that we should just dress Mr. Wolfowitz up as an Arab and make him a leader. Mr. Rumsfeld likes that idea a lot, so that might be what happens.

What I'm wondering about is the Potamians. Mr. Cheney is always saying there is a whole mess of Potamians in Iraqistan, but I don't hear anybody worrying about them. That makes me wonder if they might be white Christian men. Pastor Robertson says that the white Christian man is the most discriminated against person there is. He's right about that.

Colored people are gifted and get all the breaks. Mr. Delay says they took all the Army slots in Vietnam so that he and Mr. Quayle couldn't go. And don't even talk about the entertainment industry. They give all the good prostitute, drug dealer, and pimp parts to the coloreds.

No wonder Mr. Wolfowitz needs to dress up as an Arab to be appointed as Iraqistan's democratically selected leader.


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