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George W Bush, President

Friday, April 04, 2003

Today I learned that "vernal eqinox"is not a disease

A couple of weeks ago, a visitor to the president's house told me it was vernal equinox day. I told her that I didn't know they had a day for it, but that penicillin clears it right up. I said that I use to get it all the time when I was training to be a National Guard fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. My job was to stay home and defend the Empire State Building against the Viet Kong King--he took a white woman up there during WWI. They made a documentary about it a few years ago. The king never attacked while I was on duty, so I got tired after awhile and went home.

Anyway, today, I was reading my favorite newspaper, and I learned that vernal equinox is not a disease. It's the day the robins return. You can sure learn a lot from reading.


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