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George W Bush, President

Saturday, March 15, 2003

I'm off to a zore

I'm not really sure what a zore is, but I'm going to one. They tell me there are a lot of porch geese there. Can you imagine that. I'm going to bring my bb gun.

Mr. Blair or Mr Tony --I can never remember which name is the last one-- is going to be there. My one secretary named Colin says that this trip is supposed to help Tony stay in labor a little longer. That shows you just how stupid secretaries are. Men can't have babies. Men shouldn't be secretaries either. Jesus doesn't like that.

I'm also going to meet with a Spanish guy. We had a lot of them in Texas. They all talked funny and ate spicy food. They kind of scare me. I think Helen Thomas might be one too. She really scares me. Mr. Fleischer says that she isn't real, so I should just pretend that I don't see her. I try to do that, but I can't help but to look at her. If I didn't watch her, she might try to eat me.


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